malu bertanya sesat di jalan

Hey Indonesia, what’s with all the K-Pop?  




Ok, I’ll come right out and say – I don’t get it? K-Pop, sure it’s a thing but I don’t know why it’s become Indonesia’s thing.

Our almost universal global community has allowed cultural trends to more easily overlap. We have Bollywood, a religiously non-aligned Christmas (Jesusday?) and white people attempting hip-hop. As odd as these cultural crossovers are I understand them. Bollywood makes some great films, Christmas has allowed me to receive crappy gifts from obscure relatives, and the beastie boys had a few* ok songs….

But K-Pop, I just don’t get it… It’s as if South Korea thought it was North Korea and decided to preserve a snippet of times gone by. Yet, these aren’t the good old days where things were right and certain people couldn’t sit at the front of the bus. K-Pop encapsulates the friggin 90s – a time when girl/boy-bands reigned supreme, and the Macarena was apparently so significant that word saw fit to auto correct my spelling of it just now.

Unlike the cold war the 90s weren’t cool. They faded into obscurity and hopefully died a horrible and painful death. It’s fine with me if South Korea chooses to embrace one of the West’s greatest-cultural faux pas! But not you Indonesia… I thought we had a deal!

*may or may not be true



One thought on “Hey Indonesia, what’s with all the K-Pop?  

  1. It’s a phenomenon in Vietnam as well – to the point where it has certainly impacted on the developing pop music industry. I’m not a fan either but when you look at the STAR World TV channel which is broadcast across asia you can see the influence of the modern icons like Kpop and all things Kardashian and reality Tv that the asian young community have now become obsessed with -it’s probably that it’s so much a contrast to the realities of daily life in the countries where it is most popular.

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