malu bertanya sesat di jalan

Volunteer program MAAK 2015 (Memberi kepada Anak-Anak Kecil)

MAAK 2015 is dedicated to delivering needed products to students abroad.

What is the program?

MAAK 2015 is a charity that aims to deliver used electronics and books to both rural and urban undereducated young children. The MAAK program will collect items over the course of 6 months to a year before delivery to either, a) there destination, b) a courier in Indonesia, or c) to Indonesia. Because this charity relies on “people power” it is important we get all the help we can get.

What is needed?

Primarily MAAK needs old laptops, tablets (ipads etc) and even cd players. These electronics would go a long way in creating a more proficient and interactive learning space for Indonesian school children. We also are in desperate need of textbooks – anything from history, mathematics, language, chemistry, psychology. English dictionaries are sorely needed along with general school supplies staplers/pens etc).. If you have a background in teaching and would like to volunteer some time to help “teach the teachers” MAAK would like to here from you. Speakers of Bahasa Indonesia are also needed to help with translation issues.

How can I get involved?”

If you travel to Bali, or any of the Indonesian islands you can help by either delivering donated items to their destination – deliver donated items to another courier – or simply bringing them to Indonesia. You will never be asked to bring more than 1 or 2 items. As mentioned earlier if you have a background in teaching you can assist in teaching teachers and developing lesson plans. People from a non-teaching backgrounds are also welcome to come and help teach or tutor students.

Can I help with any other tasks?

This programme needs all the volunteers it can get. So if you’re a computer whiz, accounting genius, designer or just have some free time and feel like doing something worthwhile please enquire below.

Note: This program can only work if enough people “pre register” their interest in the program by December this year. Collection of items for the schools in the program will be stored until the program commences in March 2015.

Notes –

Age of children being helped 5-12

Minimum age of volunteer 18

No necessary skills required to donate or deliver goods. 

*** This charity is currently pending approval from government – 25/07/14

If you are interested in this program then please enter your details below. 





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