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The Indonesian Language

Guest post,

By Teddy Nee

Have you heard about Indonesia or Indonesian language? Let’s say you have, then how about the other local languages of Indonesia? I can tell you that there are many various languages being spoken in Indonesia across its three Timezone.

The official language in Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia, or usually just called “Bahasa”. It is spoken by more than 200 million people and it is similar with Malay language. So basically, speakers of both Indonesian and Malay languages can communicate without any big problem, which is quite convenient for me. Indonesian language has got a rich blend of other languages due to its historical background, such as Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Tamil, and Arabic.

Apart from that, Indonesia has got hundreds of local languages or dialects. They are listed, but not limited to the following:

Rejang (South Sumatra)
Dairi Batak (North Sumatra)
Toraja (South Sulawesi)
Lampung (South Sumatra)
Makassarese (South Sulawesi)
Toba Batak (North Sumatra)
Sasak (Lombok)
Banjarese (South Kalimantan)
Acehnese (North Sumatra)
Balinese (Bali and Lombok)
Buginese (South Sulawesi)
Minangkabau (Central Sumatra)
Madurese (Madura and Java)
Sundanese (Java)
Javanese (Java)

 See tables below for further information

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 Linguistic varieties in Indonesia (Wikipedia, 2014) 

800px-Indonesia_Ethnic_Groups_Map_English.svg Ethnic makeup of Indonesia (Wikipedia, 2014 )


Thursday the 24th July, 2014




Today’s guest author

Hi! My name is Teddy, or also known as Teddy Nee. I’m currently living in Taiwan. When I’m not studying or working, I like to read books in various languages. I am familiar with Hokkien Medan, Indonesian, English, Chinese, Spanish, and Esperanto.

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