malu bertanya sesat di jalan

Religious leader calls for Israeli sanctions.


Indonesian Islamic leader Din Syamsuddin has urged the UN to impose sanctions on Israel after yesterday’s large scale offensive into the Gaza strip. The operation saw tanks, APCS, helicopters, heavy weaponry and thousands of IDF move into the Gaza for a ten-day operation intended to “stamp out” the threat of Hamas.

The incident in Gaza is a humanitarian tragedy and very uncivilized, and so it is time now for the world including the UN to condemn Israel and even impose sanctions” detailed Syamsuddin.

As leader of Muhammadiyah, one of Indonesia’s largest Islamic organisations, Syamsuddin reaffirmed that he will use all resources available to support the Palestinian people in their time of need.

On the 25th of July Muhammadiyah will be holding a specific fund raising event to supply Palestine with immediate aid – such as medicine and foodstuffs. Syamsuddin also urged his followers not to join the fight in Palestine but rather “carry out jihad in the form of public service” for the Palestinian people.



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