malu bertanya sesat di jalan

Subianto supporters jump ship


RepublikaOnline, a “trusted” Prabowo news outlet has officially shifted camps to the growing Jokowi movement. This came as a shock to many Subianto supporters who expressed confusion as to why Republika was now calling the election in favour of Widodo-Kalla. According to a source working within RepublikaOnline “many former Prabowo [Hatta] supporters have abandoned ship.” The same source claims, “some of us know it is Prabowo’s end time.” The move by RepublikaOnline leaves only two media services openly endorsing the Prabowo-Hatta presidential campaign – and Although it is too early to call this election in favour of Widodo-Kalla, the abandonment of key Subianto allies at this stage of the game does not bode well for his presidential bid.


** It is the policy of anotherindonesia to post only information from reputable sources. anotherindonesia also reserves the right to keep the identity of its contributors confidential at their request.

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