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Prejudices Challenged as Ahok moves into governership

Illustration by Grant Robertson

Illustration by Grant Robertson


As Joko Widodo, now ex-Jakarta governor and Presiden Baru leaves one office for another, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama will move into his vacant seat. Ahok, his nom de plume, a 48-year of geologist and businessman is now governor of the worlds 3rd largest democracy. What makes this significant – besides the obvious achievement – is that Ahok is ethnic Chinese. Ethnicity, is a hot topic in Indonesia, it is especially hot if you are of ethnic-Chinese background. Ahok, who suffered much ethnically driven racism during his political ascent has now “bucked the trend” in the capital of all capitals Jakarta. What this says for other Ethnic-Chinese Indonesians is not yet crystal clear, although it remains a positive step forward for a minority group long the target of conservative-political groups, and (often) “mob (in)justice”.

Therefore we – The Editors – salute you Indonesia!