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News – 22/07/14


There is a new addition to this site “The Book Club!” This section is dedicated to reviewing Indonesia-specific literature.

Also – the Indonesian election results go live tonight. Let’s see if the predictions made about Golkar jumping ship to team J-K come true? 

Current feature article – Religious leader calls for Israeli sanctions.

The site has undergone a few changes to layout. Now, instead of an interactive homepage, this area will become a news section, updated regularly. The usual political, cultural and language (articles) are all available by selection from a new drop-down menu aka “top tabs.” To see what I mean by this follow this link to the politics section. You will also find links to all articles in a section simply by clicking on that category.

If you are viewing this site from a phone or mobile device click the + in the top left hand of the screen to access all the menu selections.

Ok guys – I hope you enjoy the new layout, The Editors. 

Sampai nanti!